How it works

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Step 01:

Sign up now using our online sign up form.

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Step 02:

We will contact you to discuss your requirements but you can arrange a website setup meeting now to get things moving forward straight away.

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Step 03:

We document your requirements and create a page that’s designed to your specifications. Once this is ready, we send you a link for your feedback.

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Step 04:

We make all your changes, we collaborate with you to create the perfect site. We send another link for your feedback, this process can take up to 3 iterations.  

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Step 05:

Your site goes live! You are delighted and so are we.

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Step 06:

We arrange a training session with you to go through the most common and rapid editing techniques used to keep your site up to date effortlessly.

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Step 07:

Your website is monitored by our team of experts who ensure security remains tight and that your uptime remains 99.9%.

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