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What is LinearPro?

LinearPro is a new managed SAAS (Software As A Service) website platform by Curate Coders, designed from the ground up to deliver enterprise performance and quality at an affordable price.

LinearPro is developed by a team with 40+ years experience between them, using cutting edge cloud and web technologies usually only afforded by high-end enterprise clients. We aim to deliver this level of quality to startup & SME businesses coupled with a pricing and payment plan set to help businesses during these challenging times.

LinearPro is a fully featured CMS which offers a brand centric, highly efficient web page builder with editable pre-defined building blocks for content and media management, making updates quick and easy.

LinearPro is a ‘managed’ service meaning unlike competitor platforms, with LinearPro, your website design, structure and initial setup process and will be supported by our professional web development and design team. The package comes inclusive with hosting, updates, upgrades, maintenance and support.

This site will be updated with further information soon, ready for our planned launch in July 2021.

Contact Us

If you are a startup business and interested in having a pro level website hosted on LinearPro? Then get in touch.


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